Close or far from home, I’m in.


I’ve been challenged in many ways in many different settings. From ice cold conditions on The North Cape to mosquitos and humid days in Western-Mongolia.

Tom joined me as our professional photographer/videographer for an intense, 2.5 week expedition to the Altai Mountains (in Western Mongolia) with FoundLost.
Tom has all the qualities that make for an excellent expedition documentarian. He is kind, funny and patient. He always brings a smile to everyone’s faces and is able to keep the team spirit high, as well as build close bonds and trust with the participants. He is respectful, professional, well-prepared and curious.
I very much hope we get a chance to conquer an expedition together again!
— Christopher Schrader
Tom is an amazing videographer and a brilliant photographer. Top bloke who’s great to be around! He accompanied a group (myself included) on a gruelling trip in Mongolia. His professional attitude and lightheartedness was a grail.
— Carlen Sikora