“Photography, videography and coffee are all things that I am passionate about. I love what I do and I challenge myself to be the best at what I do every day.“


I am a firm believer of telling stories through emotion and I want that to come across in all of my work. That along with timeless visuals makes up for something that is easily relatable to people. My name is Tom in ‘t Veld, thank you for your interest.



I have traveled the globe working on numerous projects ranging from shooting: Documentaries, weddings, promotional content and more. There is no venture too small and a challenge is always accepted.

Whether you are a creative agency, a local brand or a happy couple, I’m always in for a chat. I bring creativity and lightheartedness to the table and cannot wait to hear what story you want to tell.

How can I help?


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It is there to last. A combination of timeless visuals and telling stories through emotion sets them apart.

Everyone knows that engaging visuals are the go-to way to create an impact. I offer tailor made solution for your next project.

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Influencer Marketing

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The new marketing trend is more powerful than ever. I’m a content creator with a highly engaged target audience focused on the adventure travel/ lifestyle niche. I help brands educate my audience about their brand or product. Curious to know how I could help build your social presence?

Alkmaar, NH

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